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For good
Mon 23 December 2013 — download

In November, I went to the UTBM's Gala, which is a great party with everyone in suit, drinking together in honor of the graduated students. This was the occasion to met some friends that I haven't seen since a long time. Not all them of are working in IT: Some are designers, mechanical engineers, … One of them just got his diploma, and told me he's preparing another one in "aerospace technology". When I was younger, aerospace sounded like space rockets, astronauts, interstellar travels, … but today, aerospace sounds more like missiles.

He was so proud to tell me that he's building earth-sea big ballistic weapons. To kill people. "They are only going to be use against ships, to kill marines. Who cares about them ? They shouldn't have signed in the first time !" he said, like it was a good pun. "Listen, thanks to me, we managed to halve the price of the missile's propulsion system!". His company can now advertise that their weapons are killing two times more people for the same price than before. Proud to kill unknown people.

I'll be graduated in CS in 1.5 years. I'm trying to contribute to Open Source projects, like radare2 or Tails, I am maintaining MAT, and I am working to implement requested features. To give people more power, to allow them to hack devices and fix vulnerabilities, to protect themselves from crooks. I'm running a few Tor relays, I refused to work for ugly companies, despite begin offered a nice internship. I'm trying to educate people about gpg, privacy, security basics, … But I'm not sure that this can compete with a friend working on ballistics missiles. But a least, if someone ask me what is my contribution to humanity, what am I doing with my life, I can answer that I'm trying to help some random strangers, instead of trying to kill them "pour deux fois moins cher".