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Exploring the Tor dataset with Metabase
Thu 21 June 2018 — download

At some point in the past, I met someone called ggus. He was giving an interesting talk about Tor, with amazing visualizations, and was displaying/creating them while doing its talk! So I naturally asked him how this black magic was possible, and we was kind enough to hand me his scripts and recipes ♥

Everything boiled down to a couple of things:

  • some bash-fu to glue everything together;
  • jq to process onionoo's dump;
  • mongodb to store json data for the lazy people;
  • the marvellous metabase to manipulate and display the data.

Installing mongodb and jq is a simple matter of apt install mongodb-server jq and for metabase, just get the latest jar and launch it with java -jar ./metabase.jar.

An other possibility would be to use redash instead of metabase, but its setup looks more convoluted.

The script to shove the data into mongodb is pretty simple (and ugly):

# torplanet - v0.1

# Create dir
mkdir -p world
cd world

wget -O world.json

echo "Formatting json"

for f in `cat world.json | jq -r 'keys[]'` ; do cat world.json | jq ".$f" > $f.json; done

# Import to mongodb
mongoimport --jsonArray --db relays --collection world --file relays.json

echo "Imported all relays in database relays, collection world. Bye!"

exit 0

After reading the short and clear metabase documentation and clicking on some buttons, this is what you coud get:

metabase screenshot