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End of the GSoC
Mon 29 August 2011 — download

It's the end of my GSoC: it was a really nice experience, I learned a lot, met a nice people on irc, and earned some money.

My project was to create a Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit (MAT), to improve privacy of online file publication. I heavily based my code on hachoir (a nice but a bit complex library), but now, most of the formats supported by the MAT are not using it anymore. Despite several re-structurations/re-factorisation/ stupid ideas/re-implementations/re-writing/… the MAT is still there! I made two big mistakes : python2.7, and pygobject: none of them was in debian stable/Tails, so I had to rewrite parts using them.

Mat2 consists in a modular API (feel free to add support for other formats !), a command line interface, and a graphic user interface (powered by pygtk).

It was my first "serious" project in python, and I was the first surprised about the ~3000 lines that I produced. I'm pretty proud of the "pdf processing part", and I'm sad about the part (that are the most ugly/dirty/painful things that I ever touched/coded). I'm still unhappy with my code/piece of software, so I'll continue to improve it, so expect nice things, like an exiftool binding, watermark counter-measures, ..

Thanks to mikeperry for being my mentor (even if you weren't present a lot ;), thank to Google for the amazing GSoC project, thank to every user that gave me feedback (and even more stuffs to fix !), and specials thanks to haypo, Mc2`, Kiri, intrigeri, bertagaz, Lunar^ and everyone on #tails/#tor-dev !

See you next year?

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