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Continuous integration for MAT
Fri 27 November 2015 — download

Five months ago, someone asked me why MAT wasn't on github. It's for several reasons:

  • The official git repository is hosted on the Tor project infrastructure, the bug tracker is on riseup, and the official website on, maintained by people I know and trust. I don't want to ask user/contributors/translators to use websites that I don't trust, or know for sure that they won't deliberately harm them.
  • Github had issues with subjects important to me in the past.
  • MAT already has a bugtracker, a git repository, and a website for documentation, there is no need to duplicate this on a closed platform.

But I was curious, and I created a mirror on github, to see if I would gain contributors by doing so. So far, I only got one, Raphaël Vinot, who (patiently) gave me everything I needed (code, snippets, ideas, motivation) to use continuous integration with MAT.

If you take a look at the github repository, you'll see new shiny badges:

  • Travis-CI build status indicates if the testsuite is currently passing on the latest master branch thanks to Travis, which also test your pull requests.
  • Coveralls status and
  status are about the current percentage of coverage achieved by the testsuite.
  status and Codacy status are looking at the code quality/cleanness.

As said on the mailing list:

I don't want to include the badges on the official website, because I don't want users to make requests to external websites when browsing MAT's one. And neither do I want to change the website to update badges for every commit.

I'm not using those services only to attract new contributors with shiny colours, they are helping me keeping MAT in good shape, and improving the test coverage.

By the way, speaking of MAT, I'll try to do a new release by next year first trimester :)