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Black Void Cult - Dysphoria
Sat 03 April 2021 — download

Dysphoria's cover

Released in July 2020, Dysphoria is the first album of Black Void Cult, a symphonic black metal band from Mexico.

All the track's titles are expressing nuances of sadness, regret, melancholy, and despair in various languages (French, Czech, German, Russian, English, …), and are amusingly hard to translate. The lyrics are dealing with the realisation of the inevitable decline of one's own life, as well as the usually associated regrets of not having lived life to its full extend, in a complete way, that everything isn't as grandiose as initially envisioned, leading to a sentiment of melancholy and painful sorrow.

The album opens with "Lìtost", running water and clean acoustic guitar, introducing a piano and a couple of violins and cellos, in an atmospheric way, before bringing the drums and electric guitars, and finally, the singing and some choirs. It ends with a furious and unexpected guitar solo. It's a really neat introduction to the album, and feels not only great from an artistic point of view, but also give the time to the listener to understand the construction of the track and its layers.

Speaking of construction, this isn't your average black metal band: the sound is clean, clear, and doesn't give the impression that it was recorded on a vintage cellphone in a windy bathroom through the pipes of the sink. Every instrument is identifiable and pleasant. Even the drums, which are traditionally in this subgenre a mindless pile of monotonous kicks and snares, are great! Everything breath, and it's a real pleasure to have this kind of space on a black metal album, especially when there are so many instruments.

The track in the middle of the album, 4th amongst 7, is a peaceful instrumental waltz with piano, cello and violin, providing a nice break for introspection. Everything else is pleasantly architectured high quality symphonic depressive black metal, with the right amount of adequate rhyming lyrics sung in an articulated way, technical excellence music-wise both in writing and in execution.