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Sat 14 December 2013 — download


Yesterday, I went to the O2 Academy Islington, to see Arcturus (The old site is currently in maintainance.). In the UK concerts are starting pretty early, I missed the first group, Fen (cool logo by the way), but saw From The Bogs Of Aughiska: black metal is always terrible, but this one was less awful-than-expected. And then came Arcturus!

The first time I listened to Sideshow Symphonies, I was greatly impressed by the singer (Simen Hestnæs), and by the pianist (Steinar Sverd Johnsen, who is the main composer behind Arcturus), especially on the Star-Crossed track. And this time, I was amazed again. Despite the crappy acoustic of the hall, with larsen everywhere and a likely-deaf sound-engineer, it was astounding! I knew that the singer could go pretty high with his voice, but not that high! I'm glad I saw them live, in spite of a breakup from 2007 to 2011, and the fact that they do no do much lives. I highly recommend their last two albums, The Sham Mirrors and Sideshow Symphonies.