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Arcane Dimension 1.80
Sun 01 November 2020 — download

I previously wrote about how much Arcane Dimension is awesome. Guess what, there is a new version! It comes with a ton of new features if you want to base one of your map on top of it, as well as a chaos mode if you want to refresh the original maps. Speaking of maps, there are also four new ones:

  • Ak-Alakha, by Andrey Saenko, a mishmash of a lot of different quake levels stapled together without much regard for logic nor geometry, in the style of M. C. Escher , resulting in a weirdly albeit extremely pleasant disorientating journey.
  • Grendels' Blade, by Simon OCallaghan, a classic looking quake map, with a big sword in the middle of it, I didn't find it super-spectacular to be honnest.
  • Nyarlathoteps Sand Castle, again by Simon OCallaghan, a deep Egyptian tomb, with interesting textures, a lot of unexpected verticality, and heaps of sand.
  • Tears of the False God, by Benoit Stordeur, the star of the update in my opinion: an incredible convoluted structure with water cascades, tons of secrets, and the most amazing exteriors that I've seen in quake. Definitely one of my favourite quake map.

With this update, Arcane Dimension continues to be, in my opinion, the best map pack for quake, where most of them are excellent in every way, be it from a technical point of view with flawless level designs, artistically with lights and textures that don't look like they're being used in quake, but also innovative with new gameplay mechanics and surprising items. It's one of the most pleasant experience I've had video-game wise.

To play it, get a copy of the original quake, quakespasm to play in comfortable conditions, and shove arcane dimension next to it: you're ready to go!