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24h des iut informatique
Mon 16 April 2012 — download

Hello everyone, I’m back from the 6th edition from the 24h des IUT informatique contest, in Montreuil (Paris, FRANCE).


This contest last 24h, and was divided in 3 parts, lasting 8h each:

  • Network application
  • Web development
  • Security

The team

We were 6 people, every one dedicated to one domain :

  • A Windows guy ( PJ )
  • A programmer ( Y )
  • A web guy ( C )
  • Myself (security)
  • Two guys of all trades ( P and S ) We fought against 34 other teams.

Part1: network application

Like the last year, we had to create a bot to fight/cooperate with those coded by other teams. Our bot was name (After the name of the IUT’s secretary : Patricia Py), and it was of course Python powered ! I wrote the code, and the algorithms was from me, PJ, Y and S. We finished on the 6th place.

Part2: web development

We had to create a wiki with history support, markup, rights, … and we did it (thanks to C who did an amazing work) ! It was the first time that I saw nice-looking and well designed php code. We finished on the 2th place!

Part 3: security

The organization gave us a false password to access to the security platform, and of course this part was speed-based (the first team to complete a part was awarded with more points that the 2d, and so on) : I think we missed a lot of easy points because of this :/ This part was full of classics : buffer overflow, design flaw in code, crackme, SQL injections, holes in website, steganalyse, network security, … PJ and P focused on website breaking, S worked on network smash down, and Y and me worked on software/logic related security. We finished (sadly) on the 6th place.


This was a really nice experience. But 24h without sleep, focused on a screen, was realy stressful. We ended on the 4th place on the global rank; not bad, but we could have done better ! Maybe a place on the podium for the next year?