Title: How to bypass Nordnet's internet quota Date: 2015-02-16 18:40 **TL;DR VPN on 53/udp** I was spending a couple of weeks at my dad's house, in the middle of nowhere, before starting my internship, my last scholar holidays ever. Being lost in outback means having a super-shitty internet connection. Here, it's powered by [Nordnet]( http://nordnet.fr ), part of the [Orange]( https://orange.fr) group: 40€ for 10Go; but *fortunately* you can get some more, for 15€ per Go, the maximum bandwidth being around 75ko/s. In France, you can get an unlimited (but throttled) data plan for your mobile [for 20€]( http://mobile.free.fr/); so this smells more like a theft than an honest commercial deal. Anyway, I was slacking on IRC when my ssh connection dropped, and so did every other established ones. ``` $ curl dustri.org 307 Temporary Redirect

Temporary Redirect

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``` Ok, some MITM (please notice the wrong url), to show me this page: ![overquota]( {static}/images/overquota.png) Time to try old tricks! ``` $ dig @ test.dustri.org txt | grep Success test.dustri.org. 86400 IN TXT "Success!" ``` Everything old is new again. No lying DNS, time to fire [iodine]( http://code.kryo.se/iodine/ )! But since iodine is awfully slow (and broken, but I'm keeping this for another article ;) ), I tried to fire my VPN on 53/udp, since doing [DPI]( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_packet_inspection ) instead of a lying DNS would be both idiotic and overkill; and … yes, it worked. It seems that no only they tell their poor victims consumers that *internet equals web*, but that they're believing this themselves. Pretty awesome for an ISP. Since I'm a cool guy, I wanted to contact their technical support before publishing this blogpost, but it seems that you need to call a [surcharged phone line]( http://assistance.nordnet.com/ ) to get in touch with them. So until they stumble upon this blogpost, figure either how to setup a lying DNSd or how to have a proper firewall, this trick should still work. And if it doesn't, I'm quite sure that you can find the other ones by yourself ;)